A New Take On New Year’s Resolutions

Eat healthy, lose weight, less stress, take a vacation, exercise  … any of these sound like familiar New Year’s resolutions? Or perhaps they are vague hopes that have failed you in the past. What if this year you try something different? Rather than choosing a lofty resolution that is forgotten by February 1st, try doing one positive thing each day. What you choose is up to you and it can be very different depending on the day. One day it may be taking a small walk outside, another day it could be a power nap or perhaps choosing water for one meal that normally you have soda, completing one entire load of laundry, playing a game of Go-Fish with your kids, setting aside 10 minutes for extra prayer, naming 10 things you’re thankful for…the list could go on and on. The ideas are simple but the result is that you can go to bed at night knowing you accomplished one positive goal for yourself that day. Eventually this practice becomes permanent and you are on your way to daily achieving simple, positive goals that are actually attainable.


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